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Charity News

Chatelherault Primary School in Hamilton are getting set for Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care's Big Hop treatment next week.

Next week, FBRC volunteers will be visiting one of the classes to deliver our Big Hop Education & Awareness talk, an interactive classroom discussion about rabbit care and welfare.

Later in the week, the class will then be doing their own sponsored hop as they complete an assault course on space hoppers to raise funds for the rabbits in the care of Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care.

The Big Hop, FBRC's Easter Fundraising & Awareness campaign, runs through until the end of May, so there's plenty of time for you to get involved too. Why not arrange your own sponsored hop event, or invite us to your school, nursery, or community group?

You can sponsor the class at Chatelherault on their Just Giving page.

Adopt a bonded pair for the reduced minimum donation of only £75

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care currently have 12 bonded pairs of rabbits within the service that are all looking for new homes.

Rabbit Welfare organisations always recommend that rabbits are kept in pairs or small groups. They are sociable, interactive, intuitive community animals by their nature, and to keep a single rabbit is denying them of one of their major needs, and is therefore in contravention of the Animal Welfare Act.

Until you have seen a bonded pair interact with each other (within a suitable space with appropriate diet & stimulation!), you've never truly experienced rabbits' natural behaviour. You see a completely different side of your rabbit, and you will notice a significant change in how 'happy and hoppy' your rabbit will become.

For this reason, most adoption enquiries are from families looking for a single rabbit that they can bond with an existing rabbit. This is excellent news for the rabbits who are about to find a new buddy, sometimes for the first time.

However, its not so good for existing couples who remain on an ever growing list with chances of finding a permanent, forever home seeming to disappear into the distance.

So, throughout March FBRC are looking for people who can adopt some of their rabbit couples.

They've also reduced the minimum donation fee for adopted pairs to only £75 per fully vaccinated, neutered pair. On the topic of reducing the cost, David advises ""It's not that we've got plenty of cash, quite the opposite. But by slightly reducing the cost of a pair to encourage those who pass our home check criteria to adopt a pair rather than singles we can free up additional space within our network. Longer-term this should mean we can help more rabbits, keep the service running, and hopefully create a bit of cash flow again"".

You can view all the couples currently available by visiting

Did you know? Did you know that it is entirely possible to bond rabbits in small groups? Perhaps you have a couple already, but have more than enough space to take on a couple more? Or a single can become three. There's no denying that it can be a little harder to manage the initial bonding process with small groups, but it is achievable. David & Feona, FBRC directors, have their own trio who live happily in the same shed & run setup. They can help with bonding, and help to teach you some of the tricks of the trade: learn why rabbits behave the way they do when bonding and you can help make sure it's a success.

The Adopt A Pair Month is running alongside Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care's 'The Big Hop' campaign - a series of fundraising events as Easter approaches.


Do you remember our story back in November of the case where we took on a large number of rabbits from the one home, working closely with the existing owners to improve conditions, the same day as we started a partnership with a cattery who also have 9 rabbits looking for a home? (see Where Did They All Come From?). So far 4 of the rabbits have been rehomed, and whilst we’ve been getting neutering and vaccinations processed we’ve been quaking in our boots worried about how to actually pay for it all when the bills came in.

You may also remember us telling you of the RWAF Benevolent Fund (Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund) just a few days later too? (see Reserve a Bunny Buddy and Get Neutering Paid For with RWAF).

Last night we received confirmation that the RWAF have approved our application to the Benevolent Fund, which will allow us to fund the vaccinations and neutering for the rabbits still waiting to be rehomed from that case.

That means that Mopsey, Chico, Snoopy, Snuggles, Kindle, Rebel, Libby, Bonnie, Bojangles, and Marley will all very shortly receive all their vaccinations and neutering. Once they have recovered from neutering we will also look at pairing some of them together ready for rehoming.

All these rabbits can be reserved NOW, so if you think you can provide a permanent, loving home to any of these guys, please get in touch now. Check out our adoption process and understanding cost & minimum donations.

The funding from the RWAF will really make a huge difference and is an excellent start to the year for us.

The RWAF, if you are unfamiliar with it, is an excellent charity that focusses 100% on the education and welfare awareness of rabbit ownership. It is funded in the main by subscribing members, and members receive a great deal of benefits including a quarterly “Rabbiting On!” magazine, bunny boarding information, helpline and advice and much more. They have excellent advice leaflets available for downloading from their website, and you may well have seen some of their leaflets at your local vet practice or at our fundraising & awareness events. The fund also supports a wealth of research into rabbit welfare, helping to re-educate all rabbit owners about our favourite pets.

RWAF provides an all round “rabbit club”: if you’re not already a member, consider becoming a member today and help support the excellent work they do which Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care and so many other rabbit rescues throughout the UK have become reliant on to deliver our services.

David Bell, one of the Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care trustees, recently bought his own VW Transporter multi-van specifically to make the work he does with the charity that little bit easier. With the flexibility of up to 9 seats, or completely ""empty"" the van is versatile enough to carry people & equipment to events, transport rabbits and equipment and more.

DWB Consultancy Ltd, David's Business & IT Consultancy company who also provide all our website services, donated the cash that allowed the van to be wrapped.

""The success of Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care depends on members of the public being aware we exist,"" commented David. ""Because we don't have a rescue shelter that people can visit, we're constantly out on the road, and so it was logical for us to advertise ourselves in this way.

""Most charities our size can't afford to do this, and we couldn't have either without the donation for this purpose. Now when we're 'out on the job' we're also raising awareness of ourselves, which should hopefully attract more donations, volunteers and adopters. That kind of publicity is simply priceless."".

Thanks also go to Totally Dynamic, Cumbernauld, for applying the design to the van and offering Fairly Beloved Rabbit an excellent price and high quality service!

The van hit the road yesterday, and has already turned quite a few heads. So if you see us when you're out on your travels, give us a little 'Toot' of the horn and a wave.


Today we're delighted to announce we are now part of

Buy visiting to do all your online shopping, you can get all your usual deals online from major retailers such as Amazon, eBay, John Lewis, B&Q, Argos, M&S and hundreds more.

You don't pay any extra.

BUT we get a contribution for every sale which goes straight to our funds for rescued rabbits.

For example, spend £50 with Boden and you'll raise £1.25. Insure your car with the RAC and they'll donate up to £30 to us. Take out a new mobile contract with Vodafone and raise up to £45.00...we could go on!

What's more, EasyFundraising work closely with retailers to find voucher codes and discounts so you can save money on your shopping too. So, it won't COST you anymore, you might SAVE money, and you'll support an excellent cause at a very difficult time of year.