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Are you aged 16 – 30? Are you looking for a new challenge?  Do you have a passion for animals, and want to do more to help them?  Perhaps you are looking for more experience with animals to improve your future opportunities for studies or career?  Do you have 20 – 30 hours per week?

Our Rescue Services Assistant role, supported by Project Scotland, could be just what you are looking for!  Working directly with the charity’s management team you will gain hands-on experience with our rescue rabbits, alongside vital customer service and organisational skills that all colleges, universities and employer’s will value.

As well as the direct experience gained by working with the charity, Project Scotland will offer further support by offering financial support towards your travel expenses, an independent mentor to support you with your placement and any related studies or employment applications, plus regular additional training workshops and seminars.

Our placement is for an initial 3 month period, with the potential to extend beyond this if appropriate to allow further experience as required.

Read about Bethie and Natalie’s experience in the role here.

For more information about our Rescue Services Assistant Role, and to apply, please visit our website.

FBRC have been invited to play a lead role in a new creating the cast for a big bucks remake of the classic film 101 Dalmations.

Read More.

With effect from 1st February, all Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care adopted rabbits will come micro-chipped, as well as vaccinated and neutered (or neuter voucher for younger rabbits).

Why Do We Microchip All Rabbits?

Rabbits continue to be the most neglected, abandoned pet in the UK, with over 67,000 rabbit entering rescue services every year and probably hundreds of thousands more rehomed privately through classified and online services.

The number of stray rabbits as a result has also increased in recent years.

We want to emphasise the importance of ownership of your pet rabbits by ensuring that they are registered to you.  This means that, should your rabbit be found after it was lost or stolen, there is a better chance of them being brought back home to you.

Does it cost extra?

Microchipping is included with all adoptions and is included within our suggested donation fee.  Note however that the Petlog database service may charge you in future for any changes made to your registration details. 

We are taking the opportunity to review our suggested adoption fees at the same time as introducing this service.  As a result of the additional cost to the rescue, plus added pressure of veterinary bills, we will be increasing our suggested donation fee to £60.

Remember, that a suggested donation of £60 for each single or bonded pair of rabbits!  Each rabbit is vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and health checked prior to adoption, so this is still excellent value for money. Compare our suggested donation costs to the costs of buying a rabbit from a pet shop or breeder.

Can I Choose Not To Have My Rabbit(s) Microchipped?

Due to our internal procedures it will not be possible for you to request your rabbit(s) not be microchipped.

More Questions?

Check out our FAQs, or feel free to get in touch.

Adoption Suspension: Monday 30th April 2015 until Sunday 12th April 2015

We do not recommend the giving of rabbits as presents at Easter.

Experience has taught us that the giving of pets as a gift is one of the largest contributing factors to the volume of unwanted pets shortly after the holiday period, as the families face the reality of owning their pet and decide it's not right for them.

We believe part of the reason is the ""gift"" process - particularly for children. Remember that pets are not suitable for children: no child should be given the full responsibility for their pet, but should be supervised at all times, with the adult taking the full responsibility for the pet. However, receiving a pet amongst all their other gifts creates the wrong level of emotional attachment, with the pet being likened to the chocolate, toys and other ""disposable"" gifts that don't need constant care & attention.

For this reason, we do not support the giving of rabbits at Christmas or Easter time, and we will not be able to accept adoption requests for any of our rabbits during the holiday periods, although we will be happy to accept enquiries and home check appointments to reserve rabbits for adoption on either side of these dates.

For Easter 2015, this means we will not progress adoptions between Monday 30th March 2015 and Sunday 12th April 2015 inclusive.

Meet Winnie, our 500th rescued rabbit since Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care started back in December 2010.

As we approach our 4th birthday, we are totally astonished at how the charity has grown and the excellent work that our team of volunteers have done to help our beloved pet rabbits throughout Central Scotland.

When David & Feona started the rescue service they didn't dream that it would ever become what it is today.

""When we started we imagined we'd rescue around 10 rabbits per year,"" says David.  ""But when we had 8 rescues on our waiting list within 1 week of advertising we realised pretty quickly that the demand was going to swamp us and we immediately started planning for bigger things.""

The demand continues to grow as the charity becomes more and more recognised throughout the community, and the management team are planning some exciting changes throughout the coming year to help make the service stronger and more capable of addressing the desperate need of Scotland's unwanted rabbits.

""Funding is always the part that will hold us back,"" Feona explains, ""We have an excellent team of volunteers and more waiting in the wings keen to join us.  We are planning to put a big focus in to funding and grant applications this year in that hope that if we are successful we will be able to grow the volunteer team and rescue more rabbits off our waiting list.""

To celebrate, the volunteer team are meeting up today to share their stories and memories of the rabbits that have been in the rescue over the past 4 years as they prepare for the challenges ahead.

If you would like to help, please consider joining the team or making a contribution.