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So you've read our Housing & Exercise Guide, and now you want to plan your setup?



These are various photos of rabbit living & exercise areas we've found from across the internet. They are shared here just to give you a range of ideas of what you might be able to do yourself, and hopefully help you think outside the box in terms of options for the space you might have available, and some of the household items you may already have that you can easily adapt to suit your rabbits.

There are also some pretty extravagant examples shared here, to give you an idea of just how far you could go if you wanted to.

This is only a small selection of the full range of photos we have found.  Please follow us on Pinterest to view the full collection.

Outdoor Environments

Indoor Environments


Struggling to find places selling equipment and items that are actually suitable? So many retailers are still selling items that are simply too small or inappropriate.

Here we've shared some links to suppliers and items that we have found that provide suitable equipment.

The Welfare Hutch Company

The Welfare Hutch Company are the only retailer whose 6ft hutches are the smallest hutches in their range.

All hutches and runs made by this company meet the RWAF welfare standards.

They are passionate about rabbit welfare and have spent  years refining their designs to suit the needs of customers and their rabbits.

Their hutches and runs are built from solid wood framing. If suitably maintained their products will last the lifetime of your rabbits! They sell hutches and runs of various sizes as well as accessories such as the welfare warren pipe connector kits.

You can visit their website here-


Home & Roost

Home And Roost

We recommend the Home & Roost 6ft rabbit hutches. They are manufactured using the highest standard of technology and Home & Roost have some of the fastest delivery times in the industry as well so if you want your product on time without having to pay any extra, you know you can count on Home & Roost to get the job done.

Their 6ft rabbit hutches are available in two tier and one tier designs and have hutch huggers available as well so you can keep your hut protected.

With rabbit runs also available, they have one of the best collections on the internet and are always updating their stock so why not take a look to see what else they have to offer.

If you don’t quite know what you need, contact them directly and they’ll do their best to meet your requirements.

You can visit their website here-  Home & Roost