Finding a perfect companion for your rabbit is often thought to be a tricky experience.  In our experience though, it is often as much about a safe bonding process as anything else and it is FBRC's view that any rabbit can be bonded given the right bonding exercise, patience and an understanding of rabbit behaviour.


Of course, some rabbits will naturally hit it off better than others.  Some rescues offer “bunny speed dating”. This is when your rabbit is put in a pen with another rabbit. This allows your rabbit to choose his/her most favoured friend. However we find the circumstances of these dates often hide the "real" reaction which may happen when the "perfect pair" return home, and that in 9 out of 10 bonding experiences the bonding "fight", which often appears to be more violent than it is in reality, will still happen.


Choosing the opposite sex for bonding is advised as male/female bonds are a lot easier than same sex bonds. 


At FBRC we offer various bonding options, and will pick the best one to suit you and ensure that the rabbits will be happily bonded together.


  1. Bonding In Your Home
  2. Bonding Training with One Of Our Carers
  3. Bonding Bootcamp


Bonding In Your Home


This is our preferred method at the time of adoption as it is least stressful to the rabbits in most cases.


One of our volunteers will bring your chosen rabbit(s) to your home and will carry out an initial bonding session whilst there. During this they will talk you through what to expect during the bonding process and guide you with some tips & tricks that you can then carry on doing yourself once the volunteer has left you. Your new rabbit(s) would therefore be left with you after this sessions. Bonding can typically take a few days and bonding activity should always be supervised. Therefore you will need the ability to temporarily house your rabbit(s) in a separate environment for periods where they cannot be supervised. As this is temporary accommodation though it is not necessary to ensure the same standards as long as all rabbits continue to get access to an adequate exercise area as much as possible on a daily basis.


Many of the bonding exercises used by FBRC utilise a gentle water spray to discourage negative behaviour, so we would recommend the purchase of a water spray bottle in advance (these are often available in local pound shops).


This service is currently included with your adoption fee, or available to non-adopters at a minimum donation of £30.


Bonding Training with One of Our Carers


On occasion it may be possible or more appropriate for you to come to collect your rabbit(s) from one of our rescue hubs. For example if you currently live some distance away from our volunteering area we may ask you to make the journey to us.


We would request you bring your existing rabbit(s) with you so that we can carry out the initial bonding session (as described above) at the foster carer's home. During this session we would again guide you on how to continue the exercises when you return home.


This service is currently included with your adoption fee, or available to non-adopters at a minimum donation of £30.


Bonding Bootcamp


Bonding bootcamp is a service whereby you would bring your current rabbit(s) into one of our rescue hubs and board them for a period of time whilst we carry out the bonding activity within our own premises. We would ask you to also provide any food that your rabbit is used to for the duration of their stay (we can provide hay ourselves).


Your rabbit(s) would typically stay with us

However these are indications only and would vary depending on the progress of the bond. Our volunteer team will keep you updated on progress every couple of days throughout the process.


Due to the time associated with bonding activity and boarding your rabbit(s), there is an additional fee for Bonding Bootcamp. Our current Bonding Bootcamp fee is a minimum donation of £30 on top of the adoption fee, or available to non-adopters at a minimum donation of £50.


Booking Bonding Services


You can book our bonding support services online - click here for further details.